Fresh Nature Foods: Green Chickpea Hummus

July 26, 2016By FreshNaturemedia, News

At Fresh Nature Foods, we have launched a new line of Hummus made from a home grown super-food fresh picked green chickpeas. Our locally-grown, all-natural young chickpeas are featured in three green hummus varieties: Classic, Falafel and Jalapeño, offering an even more environmentally-conscious alternative to traditional hummus.

Fresh Green Chickpeas


Dried Chickpeas
Dried (Traditional Hummus) Chickpeas

An Innovative Twist on an Popular Classic

The spin on the classic dish was born out of Fresh Nature Foods’ pioneering chickpea harvesting technology. Fresh green chickpeas are used instead of dried tan chickpeas, like in regular hummus. Green chickpeas are full of natural color and flavor, picked before they die and dry on the vine. Water is saved, since they are fresh they don’t have to be plumped back up with salt water. Fresh green chickpeas create a unique hummus that is high in fiber, plant-based protein, antioxidants, folate and iron.

Environmental Mindfulness and Community Involvement.

A longtime advocate for environmental mindfulness, led us to partner with to launch the Fresh Water Challenge, which will donate 10% of the proceeds from Green Chickpea Hummus purchases to provide clean water to communities around the globe. Out-of-the-box thinkers and pioneers, consistently developing new methods to support a safe food supply. Devoted to nurturing the land through sustainable and organic agricultural practices.

Green Chickpea Hummus Available Now at a Store Near You

Fresh Nature Foods’ twist on the popular snack has won Green Chickpea Hummus a spot as one of Sterling-Rice Group’s Natural Food Trends of 2016. Our hummus line is available locally at Whole Foods and other retailers across the country. Interested? You can locate a nearby retailer for Fresh Nature Foods products here on our map: Find Green.

Fresh Green Hummus

About Fresh Nature Foods

Established as a family-owned farm four generations ago in the Pacific Northwest. Fresh Nature Foods is the first North American company to develop the technology to harvest, process and market fresh frozen green chickpeas. An innovator in healthy, sustainable farming and eating, Fresh Nature Foods’ products are available at numerous locations across the country. Learn more at,,  Facebook, Twitter, Google+ , LinkedIn or by calling 509-368-7260.

Nine natural food trends in 2016

May 20, 2016By FreshNaturemedia, News

green hummus

Chickpeas 2.0

Recent product innovation in the natural category shows a different side of chickpeas. Green chickpeas add a fresh, vibrant twist to new hummus and convenient meal products, including Fresh Nature Green Chickpea Hummus and Vana Life Foods Green Chickpea Meals. Meanwhile, aquafaba, a protein-rich byproduct of chickpea production, is a key ingredient in a new vegan mayonnaise substitute from Sir Kensington’s.

“I think it’s going to be a huge game changer for the vegan baked goods world,” Ms. Nielsen said of aquafaba. “And as we see the rise of companies like Hampton Creek that are innovating and replacing eggs with different kinds of pea protein, the fact that this chickpea water works in a similar manner for making meringues and mayonnaises is exciting and portends a flurry of future innovation.”